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About Road & Track

Road & Track is an automotive engineering company with a unique blend of people, skills and equipment. We are professional, but hands-on car enthusiasts , with decades of experience between our trade and professionally qualified staff. Our business has several key areas:

  • Mechanical workshop, for all sorts of servicing & repairs to cars and 4WD's. This includes he latest in electronic diagnostics. Unusual imports are most welcome.
  • Parts Sales, particularly for unusual makes & models where we have lots of personal experiences. Performance Japanese imports are our speciality. We design and/or specially make some parts which cannot be economically bought. To give you confidence, we only sell parts we would be prepared to fit in our own shop.
  • Machine Shop, where we recondition, build or modify high performance or unusual engines, transmissions, diffs and other related mechanical parts. The unusual is everyday for us.
  • Extensive welding & sheet-metal facilites, where we make 1-off components.
  • Race & Rally car support. All our various skills and facilities are used to help modern & historic racers.Trackside support is available. We support Team-4T Racing
  • Dyno-dynamics 2WD dyno is used for serious tuning of cars up to 500kw . This supports our fitment of after-market engine managment computers like Motec, Autronic etc
  • Research & development, eg the modification of current model common-rail diesels engines to reduce emisisons for the underground mining industry

Each of these key business areas can be explored via this website. 


Important Information

Be sure to check our Terms and Conditions page which covers the following topics

  • Spare Part Prices
  • Servicing and Repair Prices
  • Warranty
  • Payment options
  • Returns
  • Exchange Units


We can accept any of these payment methods

  • Cash
  • Credit card (Mastercard or Visa only)
  • Debit card
  • Direct deposit to our bank
  • Pay-pal

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Services we offer

If you dont see the exact service you require, please contact us